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For over three decades(and still going strong!), our company, Custom Rock, has been the leading provider of hardscaping and landscaping materials, supplies, and custom features throughout all of Central - San Joaquin, CA! We are proud to offer our experience and insights to all current and prospective clients who are seeking to breathe new life back into their property without breaking the bank to do so!

Whether you're seeking to revamp the perimeter of your property's hardscaping features with some tasteful and natural boulders. Or, have something more ambitious in mind, such as a new waterfall or pond, you've definetely chosen wisely in choosing Custom Rock!

"We wouldn't put anything in your yard that we wouldn't put in ours!"

A little history about us..

Per our company standard here at Custom Rock, all sales, purchases, and deliveries are tested and verified by one of our seasoned rock specialists in order to ensure each of our clients are not only absolutely satisfied with their purchase(s) but are keen to refer us to friends or family in the future! Here are some of the areas that our valued clients in and around San Joaquin Valley, CA have taken advantage of our services & coverage:
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How Custom Rock Can Help With Local Landscaping Needs In Madera County, California

Supply & Material Deliveries

As many of our clients and fellow homeowners alike here in Madera County, California will attest to, our communities boast some of the most stunning landscape designs and layouts in the State of California. Having said that, in order for those breathtaking landscape designs and overall formations to be realized, there must first be a reliable source of the materials, supplies, and hardscaping components that is available to affect local drop-offs and deliveries. As such, we are proud to of our local moniker as the leading supplier and delivery company responsible for delivering a wealth of hardscaping elements, including rock, boulders, water features, fountains, and building supplies, throughout not only our immediate community here in Raymond, California, but throughout the entirety of Central California.

Removal & Relocation

In order to serve our valued customers, both prospective and existing, we've made it one of our "company-wide" missions to excel where other landscape supply and delivery companies have failed in the past. That, as we've resoundingly discovered, typically entails going above and beyond what our would-be competitors are capable of achieving. How our custom rock and delivery specialists are able to go that extra mile is quite often overlooked, however, it is quite simple: relocating certain landscaping/hardscaping elements such as large boulders or custom river beds to another area of the client's property. On the likely chance that our rock & boulder delivery teams are called out to deliver various hardscaping elements, be sure to take advantage of our capacities to remove or relocate other features or aspects of your property's landscape if needed.


Custom Water Elements & Water Features



If you're like many of our local customers and or even fellow business owners here in Madera County, California and are seeking to revitalize their property through upgrading its landscaping features, elements, or additions, we have just the solution for you! Our custom waterfalls combine tasteful placement and aesthetic value with an economical water recycling system that adds that extra curb appeal without breaking the bank.


Similar to our waterfalls in terms of customizable options and innovative design and installation, our custom ponds are a sure-fire way to breathe new life back into a dreary or mundane property. Whether you're seeking a custom koi pond that is complete with a skimming system and an organic filtration system or something solely unique to your specific tastes/preferences, we are confident that exploring our various pond options is definitely a worthwhile endeavor.

Dry Creeks & Riverbeds

While we do offer ponds, waterfalls, and water fountains that feature cost and eco-friendly designs that balance an alluring visual display with minimal "waste," we do have another option that still adds the aesthetic value to your property without any water or resource consumption: dry creeks & dry river beds. When you use Custom Rock, you get a graceful and enriching dry riverbed or dry creek meandering throughout your property, and it is a proven way to become the "talk of the block" without investing in an expensive, organic landscaping element.

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